Sedwick Construction Company

started in 1951 and soon after became a supply company in 1954. H. B. Sedwick, Jr. and his wife Hazel ran the family business until the early 1970’s when Benny, Steve and Rodney entered into the business. We were setup to serve the town of Orange and surrounding communities. We have based our business upon quality materials at competitive prices with the best customer service possible.

During the 70’s and 80’s it was very common place to arrive during lunch time and be invited to eat Hazel’s amazing cooking. She had a full kitchen onsite complete with a woodstove. Some days it was like Thanksgiving in the middle of the year. She was often given a wild turkey or goose by a grateful customer and she would serve it up for lunch the next day.


Aerial View of Sedwick’s in August 1962 more than 50 years ago!

 Three construction project in 1960 completed by Sedwick’s were the Charlottesville Airport, Cismont School and Culpeper Baptist Church.