Our Policies


Deliveries are a big part of our business. We have a fleet of 10 trucks including a boom truck and fork lift mounted truck. Any purchases made at Sedwick’s can be delivered at a time convenient to your home or worksite. Delivery charges may vary due to the following:

  1. Product mix
  2. Value of load
  3. Distance
  4. Size of truck
  5. Personnel needed

On all deliveries there will be a $15.00 fuel surcharge.

Vendor Direct Deliveries: On special orders (Block, Brick, Trusses, ect…) there are varying charges for volume and fuel surcharges. Each company is different and at the time of order our sales associate will inform you as to the amount.


  1. No returns AFTER 30 days
  2. No returns of lumber AFTER 7 days
  3. Must have purchase invoice
  4. Must be in orginial condition or packaging (no dirty, wet, or broken packages can be returned)
  5. All returns may be subject to a handling, delivery, or pickup fee.
  6. Non-stock items maybe subject to a vendor return charge (35-50%)
  7. Custom orders can not be returned (any special size, unit, or non-stock item)


Special Orders – are a major part of our business. We have numberous vendors that deliver to us weekly and we are able to meet all your needs. Do it Best alone delivers every Friday morning with a selection of over 68,000 items from which to choose. Call us if you do not see what you are looking for and let our sales associates help! We also have other vendors that can provide a larger selection of non-stock items such as:











SPECIAL ORDER PAYMENTS:  Custom and non-stock orders are to be prepaid and are non-returnable.

Warranties: each company has their own warranty policy. When having a problem with a product please refer to the product booklet to see the company’s warrant. Most companies today deal directly with the consumer. The consumer must send the product or sample back to the manufacturer and they will consult directly with you. When a problem occurs please ask our sales associate for assistance.

Privacy: any credit or personal information will be confidential and not be released to any other source without your written permission.